Bluebook's 1st online workshop

On June 15th in Italy, Bluebook started working with the young participants on debate methodologies through Google Meet and Google Classroom.

Due to the Covid emergency, the planned first workshop has been split into a series of virtual meetings.

Here are some pictures:

Online workshop

Youth workers from Bluebook srl, United Societies of Balkans and Youth Empowerment Association – YEA had the opportunity to take part in a lecture about organizing and facilitating digital workshops about debate methodologies due to the current situation with the global pandemic.

C1 Mobility in Italy

We are happy to announce that the first C1 mobility of the project “Youth worker in debate” took place during the last week of November in the gorgeous city of Torino, Italy.

Activities of the first project phase were aimed at enhancing the skills of youth workers by exchanging good practices in the youth sector from the participating countries. So far, 12 youth workers had the opportunity to gain new and deeper knowledge in the field of debate methodology, as well as useful digital tools in this field.

Debate as a skill is of the utmost importance, both in daily life and for further professional development of young people. The current youth mobility is a preparatory phase for the upcoming workshops that will include 16 young participants from the local community in every participant country.

1st Transnational Meeting in Greece

“Youth Worker In Debate” officially started with the first transnational meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece from 16-17 of July 2019.

The meeting was hosted by USB – United Societies of Balkans, which is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, working in the youth sector from 2008 and participating in the organization of mobility programs, events, workshops, seminars and trainings targeting young people.

Two members of each organization attended the kick-off meeting and discussed the preparation of the subsequent activities, the general lines of action, as well as the dates of the first youth exchange that will be held in November in Turin, Italy.

What is YWID?

“Youth Worker in Debate – YWID” is a long-term project that will include 60 youth workers & youngsters aged 18-21 years from June 2019 to May 2021. It is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme in the scope of Key Action 2 as an exchange of good practices in the youth sector.

YWID aims to apply the debate methodology in the youth work sector as a new and innovative non-formal education tool in the framework of multiple actions. The team project represents three countries:
– Italy (Bluebook srl),
– Greece (
United Societies of Balkans) and
– North Macedonia (
Youth Empowerment Association – YEA).

Keep in touch with us and follow the activities of the project on the official website and the Facebook page of the project.